Structural & Civil Engineering 

Yes, it's a brand new doorway!

We're expanding

our business and

taking over the

neighbouring office.

JAC's location in

central Blackwood

gives us the

opportunity to

create the space

we need, and to fit

in some new additions to the crew!

Presentations of our staff will follow, but for

now enjoy this door.

COVID-19 update

Jack Adcock Consulting remains committed to our clients. We intend to remain open and aim to maintain our service in and out of the office.


JAC has implemented a COVID-19 action plan. We will stay in close communication with our clients should the virus in any way impede our ability to operate as normal.

Drop us a line

If you are interested in discussing what we can offer, have a particular project in mind, or just want a second opinion on a complicated situation, we look forward to hearing from you

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